Ristorante Re Food - Sorrento


Arised from love for their land and passion for fine food that Campania offers, Re Foods is the work of four young entrepreneurs who have chosen to invest their efforts and attention to the universe of culinary art.

Their vision is not only looking to recover the gastronomic tradition of Campania, but also to its reinterpretation with creativity and contemporary taste, to find the right balance between past and present, tradition and innovation.

There is no King without his Realm! Located in the historical centre of Sorrento, Re foods offers a multipurpose space soberly designed as restaurant, wine cellar, lounge bar and store, with a management that has its best qualities in kindness and simplicity.

The interior design is based upon the pleasant and balanced combination of purely natural materials, a rich but elegant composition in which technology is not in contrast with the historical memory and tradition.

R.G. srl - Via dell’Accademia 8/10
80067 Sorrento (Na) - Italia
Ph: +39 0818781480

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